Mochi London

Just a little reminder that I’ll be attending and speaking at Mochi London on the 21st of September.
Mochi London is a meetup for game developers and people who are interested in the industry. There’ll be a bunch of lectures and then some sort of casual game jam the next day.

You can get tickets and a better description of the event here, including a full list of cool people who are attending.
There’s also a 15% discount if you enter the promo code “Followerdiscount”.

So come along if you can make it to London, and we can meet up and have a drink or something!


3 thoughts on “Mochi London

  1. Tamoor Shahid

    I would like to come as I live near London but I have hardly any game creating experience so no point going and I don’t have some spare money for it. 😥 Must try next year if there is one.

  2. SirBlackMage

    Wow, nice! I would really live to go there and meet you, but I live in Austria.
    And it would cost way too much to get to London. :bleh:
    Well, I hope you have fun there, It would be cool if you could shoot a few pics and post them here! :smirk:


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