Cat Cafe Gameplay

I’ve made a short video of the gameplay in Cat Cafe.

Besides the stuff shown, there will also be an upgrade system, achievements, and a dress up mode.

I’ll be releasing the game on Android first, then iOS, then on the web.

7 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Gameplay

  1. SunsetHaste

    This may sound wierd, but I’m really looking forward to music :D

    Also – you seem to be testing this on an android emulator, am I wrong?

    1. kupo707 Post author

      Nah, that’s the web version and I just photoshopped the phone in.
      I usually test it on my actual phone, but I don’t know how to record video from that.

  2. SirBlackMage

    It looks nice, I will definitely get it when it’s out!
    I wonder how the upgrade system will work…
    I’m not seeing anything that you could possibly upgrade… ô.o
    (Except more Happy Hours maybe).
    Could you give us a little insight here, Matt? :O

    1. kupo707 Post author

      The upgrades will basically be decorations that boost how much cats tip, how often you get happy hour, your max multiplier, and stuff like that. Just stuff to increase your score/income.


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